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Larry Goldstein


The greater Los Angeles mega-sprawl


I discovered Thief many moons ago when T1 first came out, but I only discovered the fan community in 2007. Since then I have progressed in stages from player of fan missions to writer of ghosting walkthroughs to beta tester to fan mission author wannabe to fan mission author.

Contact Me

Look on TTLG for LarryG, or on Eidos for goldsla.

Released Resources

Not Yet Released Resources

PM me at TTLG or EIDOS if you are interested in any of these. I’m not saying I’ll release them, but I’m not saying that I won’t either. Ask and we’ll see.

  • Set of Stained & Frosted Glass Windows
  • A few Wooden Doors
  • “R” Signet Ring, gold & red gem
  • Exploding Skull with Crown
  • Lightgem object
  • Fireplace Tools
  • Blackboard
  • Bulls-eye Crates
  • Ink Well & Fancy Quill — image below
  • Office Collection (Stool, Desk Chair, Office Guest Chair, Scribe Desk, & 7-Sided Office Table, all to match COSAS Light colored Wood Office Desk, + Wicker Waste Paper Baskets & Matching In-Boxes)
  • Keeper Glyph Clock — image below
  • Glyph Calligraphy Paper Art
  • Flying Burrick Magicomechanical Child’s Toy (with sounds)
  • Bathroom Mirror (working!!!)
  • Book with Pickable Lock & Mechanical Latch
  • Three Gas-Lamp Chandelier (matches a NiceTorch(-1429))
  • Orchestra Collection (Timpany, Horn, Viola de Gamba, Illuminated Music Stand, Regular Music Stand)
  • Hanging Bare “Bulb” Light with Built-in Switch (with sounds)
  • Sliding Red Fire Door Assembly (track + door on rollers with sounds)
  • Magicomechanical Armillary Sphere (with music of the spheres sound)
  • ZB’s Punch Bowl
  • Keeper Torch
  • Stringed lyre and steam-punk aeolian metal pipe-lyre with metal resonator
  • MC Escher-esque Floor/Wall Tile Textures
  • Wallpaper, Ceiling-Tile, & Floor-Tile Textures
  • Shipping Crate with working hinge and lock hasp
  • Working Padlock
  • and a host of others …



Upcoming Fan Missions?

I’m working on the 2nd and 3rd missions in my Prequel campaign. The first mission in the campaign, Finals at the Academy, was released in December of 2011.



Textum quam diligentissime perscrutavi et recensui — sed si quemlibet errorem invenies, mihi, quaeso, scribe

Loosely translated that means “I’ve done my best to remove any errors in my work but—if you find any—they are the fault of the idiot who typed it up.”

Extra Information

  • I just copied R Souls’s page and used it as a template.
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