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Garrett goes to The Crippled Burrick to meet a fence named Sammy. However, the Watch was there looking to enact swift justice on Garrett’s head! Garrett believes Sammy sold him out. Garrett is forced to relocate to Shalebridge but not before returning to his flat to clean out his toy closet while the whole of the City Watch is out for his head! Other Watch officers wonder why the sheriff has sent so many men to catch a common thief. They are told Truart believes Garrett is dangerous and clever and to stop asking question and to follow orders.

Garrett also hears men talking in the street. One says the war is not going well. The other is not too concerned as he has faith that the Mechanists will be able to protect The City. The other man is not convinced that the Mechanists can help, calling them just a splinter group of the Hammerites.

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