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Casing The Joint

After being questioned by Viktoria and the pagans it seems Cavador was sent to the KD (Karith Din) site to locate 30 ancient precursor brass masks and as many agricultural devices known as cultivators. Seems the items are related and key to Karras’ plan to place servants in the homes of the nobility. Viktoria has been trying to get her hands on a mask but has not yet been successful. The last time Garrett was in the Lost City part of his reason for the trip was to find ancient masks… a commission was placed upon them by a wealthy collector named Bram Gervasious. The mechanists have been making overtures to Gervasious as of late and now it’s easy to see why. Viktoria has had people watching Gervasious and knows of a special exhibition taking place the next evening where the masks Garrett acquired some time ago are sure to be on display. The hitch is that the display will be a very secure area of the mansion rumored to accessed by only two ways… an elevator controlled only from the secure area and a secret passage. Not wanting to waste any time tomorrow evening Garrett makes his way in Gervasious’s manor tonight to case the place and find the secret entrance to the exhibition hall. It’s time to become a ghost, because if Garrett arouses suspicion tonight, the whole plan just might fall through.

While about his business in the manor Garrett finds a letter to Gervasious from Karras. Karras asks that the masks and cultivator in Gervasious’ collection be given to him after the exhibition in exchange for a valuable painting Gervasious has been trying to acquire and future favors from the Mechanist order.

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