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A knock on Garrett’s door….a man who says he represents an old contact of Garrett’s wants him to break into Shoalsgate Station and frame City Watch Lt. Hagen for robbing the station’s evidence vault. Garrett, distracted by the gold the man offers, figures that Hagan has obviously made life difficult for somebody he shouldn’t have. The man hands Garrett a detailed map of the station… plenty of information to pull off the job. The mission will be difficult because leaving a trail of knocked out bodies will arouse too much suspicion. So Garrett sheathes his sword, pockets his blackjack, and gets to work.


Garrett learns the watch are concerned with the pagans and are determined to rid The City of their presence.

Lt. Hagen has concerns that the Warden Affairs Division of the Watch is corrupt. Evidence keeps disappearing when it pertains to certain wardens. Truart has assured Hagen that there is no problem with the Warden Affairs Division, and that the disappearances were only clerical errors. However there have been thefts from the vault recently that Truart says are not related to Warden Affairs Division, and wants Hagen to look into the matter. It’s obvious to Garrett that things are not as they should be as far as The Watch is concerned.

Truart does not place Lt. Hagen above suspicion, so he has ordered Lt. Mosley, Hagan’s rival, to investigate the thefts independently. Lt. Mosley has her own problems, because Truart is concerned about her loyalties, and that she might be sympathetic towards the pagans.

Garrett learns that Mosley has a garden but can not keep it growing as she could in the past. She is tired of the war and wants the Baron to return. She doesn’t like Truart’s law enforcement tactics, particularly with regard to the treatment of pagans. She is also concerned that half of the watch force is composed of people she had arrested in the past!

The Vice Squad has concerns about Truart and his involvement with Madame Volari’s brothel.1)

We learn that some of the watch used to work for Ruben and the Downwinders.

Guard 1: Ever wonder why Truart hired us?
Guard 2: Probably figured we’d spend less time breaking the law because we’d be enforcing it. Gold is gold whether it comes from Ruben or Sheriff Truart!

In the Secure Records Room Garrett learns of the infidelities of Lady Van Vernon, and that the Sheriff wants to use that information as leverage against her. It seems Lord Van Vernon is a big man in weapons and armor, and the Lady might be useful at helping the watch secure goods on the cheap. Actually it seems that Truart is keeping files filled with dirt on as many people as he can.

While passing by an interview room, Garrett overhears Lady Rumford complaining to an officer about a missing servant. The officer is trying to listen patiently, but not enthusiastically. A runaway servant isn’t very important to him.


The boys-in-blue are a new addition to Thief.

This is the last mission to provide in-game instruction. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re out of luck.

In Shipping and Receiving, Garrett discovered a prostitute’s journal with a reference to someone named “Norman Druart”.
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