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You have stowed aboard the mechanist ship and have reached the KD site. It’s time to find Cavador and take him back with you and also find some more scripture of the master builder to give you more clues about what Karras’ master plan might be. You don’t get far before you realize just where you are….The Lost City where you found the Talisman of fire that helped to defeat Constantine some time ago.

Garrett finds more scripture and its message is disturbing to say the least. Karras has built some sort of protective chamber in Soulforge Cathedral to which he will soon retreat after which a new day will dawn and the Builders plan will be complete. Garrett finds more writings the most disturbing of which follows…

“I dreamt that the Builder came unto me. We walked together amid the empty buildings. No tree barred our path, no creatures scurried forth. No foot fell there, save ours. So pleased was He with all I had done that he turned my flesh to iron with a wave of His mighty hand. I wept with joy, tears as slick as mercury, and thanked him for his gifts. Great is the power of the Master Builder.”

After a long search Garrett locates Cavador. Cavador is under heavy escort and the rest of the site is teaming with other Mechanists. A difficult task but Garrett was able to disable Cavador’s entourage and kidnap Cavador, taking him back to pagan territory for interrogation.

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