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Life of the Party

It would seem that Karras is rewriting ancient Hammerite scripture to suit his own goals. Tonight Garrett plans to infiltrate Angelwatch the new mechanist tower in Dayport to find a copy of the new scripture of the master builder. Viktoria and her agents in the city have caught wind of something called The Cetus Project. Garrett hopes to find information about the project in Karras’ office. But tonight Karras is throwing a party for the City’s nobility so security is bound to be tight in Angelwatch. Garrett knows that entering through the front door is out of the question so he takes to the roof tops or “the thieves’ highway” in order to gain entrance in a more covert manner.

Along the way to Angelwatch Garrett encounters a note left for him by the Keepers. They say it is good to seek knowledge at Angelwatch but warn that Karras is more aware of Garrett’s plans than Garrett may know.

Garrett learns more about “the servants” They are given to the nobility by Karras who freely admits they were once people of no consequence and useless in the builder’s eye. But once transformed they will now tirelessly perform the will of their master. Two nobles are overheard talking about the servants. The lady says she’s a bit uncomfortable with slavery but the man corrects her. “Not a slave…a servant!” “And what higher purpose in life but to serve the nobility.” Looking at it this way the lady agrees.

Karras is not at his own party but has placed 6 of his talking devices in various locations around Angelwatch so he can speak to his guests in abstentia. He has also ordered that one be placed for a “special guest.” Seems the Keepers were right and that Karras knows of Garrett’s plans for the evening and that would explain why Karras is not there himself.

One talking device is placed in the art gallery. Karras encourages his guests to enjoy the art before continuing their tour. Trouble is the only art in the gallery is a mechanist statue and a portrait of Karras. Seems humility is a trait that escapes Karras!

Upon gaining entrance into Karras’ office Garrett is “greeted” by Karras via a talking machine. Any lingering doubt that Karras new Garrett was coming this evening is erased. Garrett steals the plans for the Cetus Project and triggers an alarm. To make his way back to the safety of the bell tower from which he started this evening’s adventure he will have to make his was past many mechanists who are guarding the rooftops.

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