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Precious Cargo

The Cetus Project is HQ’d at Markham’s Isle. Brother Cavador is the highest ranking “brain” in the mechanist order and Viktoria and her trusted agent Lotus think he is there. Garrett journeys to the isle in order to kidnap Cavador and bring him back to Viktoria for questioning about the Cetus Project. But like most things…this probably won’t be as simple as it sounds.

It’s a foggy and rainy day. The mechanists have made a base of operations around an old lighthouse and crude wooden structures that serve their purpose for now. But the plan is to replace all the rotting wood with iron and metal. One mechanist who used to be a Hammerite is troubled by all the disrepair stating all that is need is hammer and nail to set things right again. But his friend says it is folly to repair the wood that is not worthy in the Builder’s eye. Saying they will build anew with the glory of metal and the gear.

After picking a key off the belt of a Mechanist priest stationed at the top of the lighthouse Garrett finds Lotus almost dead locked in a cold storage room. He tells Garrett that Cavador is the brains behind Karras’ inventions and that Karras relies greatly on his contributions. He gives Garrett a special key that allows him access to the heart of the mechanist installation and then asks Garrett to return him to the greens as it is obvious he will not live much longer.

As Garrett descends far below the base of the lighthouse he enters a series of caves filled with water and gets his first glimpse of the Cetus Amicus…a steel ship that can travel underwater! He decides to board the ship and have a look around. In a stateroom Garrett finds a journal. It seems that the ship has been making supply runs between the isle and a location called the KD site and that Brother Cavador has been assigned to work at the KD indefinitely. A cargo hold whose key has been carelessly lost will serve Garrett’s next purpose. Garrett finds the key and stows away for the journey to this mysterious KD site.

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