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Running Interference

The first mission of Thief 2: The Metal Age. This mission can be thought of as a training mission for those who have not played Thief: The Dark Project as it really has little to do with the story for The Metal Age.1)


Here we find Garrett helping an old associate; Basso The Boxman. Basso wants to marry Jenivere but there is a snag. Jenivere is Lady Rumford’s chamber maid and marriage would void her status as an indentured servant. As a result Lady Rumford is keeping her locked up at night so she can’t escape. That’s where Garrett comes into the picture. Garrett needs to clear the way so that Basso can come in and rescue his beloved. But while inside the mansion, Garrett might as well pick up whatever valuables he can find. As a favor to Basso, and especially Jenivere (who would be quite upset if anybody were killed because of this), Garrett refrains from using any of his sharp and pointy toys. Garrett succeeds, Jenivere is rescued, and she and Basso (hopefully) live happily ever after.


In contrast to Thief 1‘s A_Keepers_Training, this mission includes in-game instructions for playing the game.

The simple, spacious layout is meant to demonstrate the higher quality graphics in the new game.

Technical Notes

The non-player characters in this mission, Basso and Jenivere, are controlled using a sophisticated set of scripts. The use of scripts was greatly improved for Thief 2, and is used throughout the game.

An early reference to the watchers was removed from the mission.
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