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Sabotage at Soulforge

Garrett and Viktoria place a small amount of plant life inside a sealed container along with the cultivator and activate it. The cultivator emits the rust gas and the plant life inside is utterly consumed in a few moments. Viktoria wonders what Karras plans to do with the devices. Garrett says “We know Karras has installed them in the masks of the servants and that the servant’s have been placed in the homes of the wealthy…” Viktoria interrupts “Yes…the homes with the gardens! The plants there could sustain a reaction large enough to destroy everything!” Garrett says they need time to come up with a plan but Viktoria wants to act immediately… go to Soulforge, fill it with enough plants to sustain a large reaction and call the servants back to the Soulforge using the Guiding Beacon that Karras has created for that purpose. Garrett does not agree calling her plan suicide and leaves saying that he will come up with another way of stopping Karras. Viktoria calls forth a few of her trusted agents. It is plain that she plans to act immediately and without Garrett’s help.

As Garrett walks back through The City he in confronted by a Keeper who is defying the wishes of the Keeper Council by talking to Garrett. He says that Viktoria has begun an assault on Soulforge. Garrett rushes to Soulforge to find Viktoria surrounded by Karras’ robots. Viktoria tells Garrett that she could not place enough plant life to sustain a large enough reaction. But Viktoria has one more card to play. She sacrifices herself for the cause and in doing so spreads enough plant life throughout Soulforge. It’s now up to Garrett to activate the Guiding Beacon and use it to call the servants back to Soulforge and destroy Karras and all who linger with him.

Karras knows that Garrett is there. Though locked in his protective chamber Karras can speak to Garrett via a public address system and there are speakers everywhere. Karras goads Garrett every few minutes trying to make him give up hope but Garrett will have none of it. Karras has gone too far and now it’s really personal.

Now Garrett knows he needs to activate the Guiding Beacon but has no idea how to accomplish that so he begins to search in hopes of finding an answer. The place is enormous and enemies are everywhere. The task is monumental for one man; even one as skilled as Garrett. After a long search he finds a plans room and inside the information that he seeks. Garrett, using the many machines inside Soulforge, will have to build the Guiding Beacon, install it in the correct place and then activate 7 radio towers that will send the signal to the servants calling them back to Soulforge! He must do all of this without Karras figuring out what he is up to or getting killed by a Mechanist or one of their deadly creations! It’s a job and a half to say the least. But in the end Garrett succeeds and leaves Soulforge closing the door tightly behind him. The servants return to Soulforge earlier than expected. Karras is destroyed by “the inventions of thine own brilliance.” Poetic justice of the highest order!


Garrett: (After returning to Soulforge once it is again safe to enter) All this…all this was written?
Keeper: All..
Garrett: Viktoria’s death and Karras…was it written in your books?
Keeper: All is as was written.
Garrett: And there’s more?
Keeper: Yes
Garrett: Tell me!

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