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Shipping and Receiving

We learn that the sheriff is named Gorman Truart and that he’s been cracking down hard on thieves. As a result, Garrett has to “go armature” to make the rent this month. So he sets his sights on the warehouses by the docks.

At one point Garrett overhears a conversation between two men who complain about a group of people new to The City called The Mechanists. (The Mechanists are an off-shoot of the Hammerite Order, and considered heretics by orthodox Hammerites.) The two men speak of eerie metal faces that watch you and tall industrial smoke stacks that billow soot and ash leaving houses black and grey. One man says he used to have a nice view of the mountains but now the new Mechanist tower casts a permanent shadow over his house. It’s also learned that the Mechanists, though unusually generous to some, seem to have some kind of agenda and it’s making many feel uneasy. Garrett hears of trees dying in Eastport, seemingly the result of all the industrial activity of the Mechanists.

In a huge crate in one of the warehouses, Garrett gets a glimpse of a large robot twice the size of a man with a spooky face and a large green eye.

The haul is pretty respectable for a nights work. Although it is tedious, because of the many of offices he has to gain entry to.


The training instructions continue in this mission. The player is taught how to pick locks.

A new tool is introduced here. The scouting orb is a remote camera. For the first time ever, we get to see Garrett himself in the game.

The pirate ship is the first vehicle (albeit, stationary) to be featured in a Thief game.

Technical Notes

The long sight-lines and open areas are made possible by the more capable hardware requirements Thief 2 was able to take advantage of.

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