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Trace the Courier

Even though Garrett found keys at the scene of the crime that would seem to incriminate Lt. Mosley she had an alibi for Truart’s murder. Still Garrett believes her to be involved in some fashion so he begins to keep tabs on her.

Mosley has just left the local watch office well ahead of schedule carrying some kind of letter. Garrett tails Mosley with the hope that seeing who she delivers it to will shed more light on the matter. After tailing her for quite a distance Mosley stops and looks around cautiously. Content that nobody is watching she drops the letter on the street in a dark spot and walks off. Garrett leaps quickly from the shadows in order to read it before whomever it was intended can claim it. The letter warns that though with Hagen and now Truart out of the picture Mosley feels that other sinister forces (Mechanists) are still at work in the city. Mosley warns her contact that he and the others should retreat to a place safe from the mechanists. Garrett puts the letter back and after a few moments a Pagan man stops to claim it. Garrett tails the man for a while and sees him attacked and nearly killed by a group of Mechanists. The Pagan escapes into a graveyard that the Mechanists are scared to enter at night. As the graveyard has only one entrance and exit the, group of Mechanists seem content to wait him out. Garrett (no stranger to dealing with ghosts, zombies and other assorted nasties) has no such plans and follows the Pagan’s trail of blood to a strange portal and enters.

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