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Trail of Blood

Garrett does not know where he is but there is a trail of blood on the ground obviously left behind by the wounded pagan. He follows the trail hoping to learn more about this place and hoping the pagan does not run out of blood and die before he can.

After only a short distance Garrett finds himself in a small pagan village. There are dead pagans and dead Mechanists about. It would seem the Mechanists are responsible for attacking the village. In a small hut Garrett meets the ghosts of a small pagan girl and her mother. The child tells Garrett that he can keep “Dewdrop” a crude straw doll. The girl tells Garrett that Dewdrop does not like Mechanists. Near the same hut Garrett also finds a map of the village with the indication that a gathering place with a strange stone formation shaped like a human face is near-by. Ghostly apparitions appear before Garrett as he makes his way through the village to the gathering place. He sees apparitions of two Mechanists who say that the remaining pagans performed some sort of ritual and passed beyond the confines of the forest to an unknown place. Garrett finds the gathering place, a small stone structure with a large stone face set in the floor. The stone face is a portal activated by placing two strange and very large rubies in the eyes. Garrett activates the portal and enters. He is transported to an even stranger place. Colorful lights and strange plants abound. After a while (still following the trail of blood) Garrett comes upon strange ape like creatures who speak like the pagans he’s heard before. It would seem he is in the heart of the pagan sanctuary and that when in this place the pagans take on a primitive ape-like form.

Along the way Garrett finds another letter written to the pagans by Lt. Mosley. It would appear to be the first of many letters written by her to the pagans. It states simply that she is willing to help them in their struggles against the watch and the Mechanists. As Garrett makes his way through a series of tree houses he comes upon another letter from Mosley and the proof he has sought! Truart was hired by Karras to kill Garrett and to eradicate the pagans though Lt. Mosley knows not why. Garrett also learns that Mosley has decided to kill Truart and that she told the pagans to ready an assassin. Garrett makes his way through an even stranger kind of forest to a small glade where he sees the pagan he’s been following. The pagan is dead. Strange sounds emanate from all directions and many of the trees appear to come to life. He’s then confronted by an old associate….Viktoria!

Though angry with Garrett for destroying the pagan god Constantine she is willing to put aside the events of the past. She enlists Garrett to help her in her goal to destroy Karras and the rest of the Mechanists. Garrett is of course reluctant but agrees and together they take a blood oath to their resolve to see Karras and his followers destroyed.

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