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When placed on another object, an AI can send a CanISeeYou or CanIHearYou message to test for awareness of the object from the AI. When placed on an AI, it can send CanISeePlayer or CanIHearPlayer messages to itself to test for awareness of the Player object. Or it can send CanISeeObject or CanIHearObject with the object specified in the first data argument.

When checking for an arbitrary object, the name or ID is put in the message argument. The special name self is the object that receives the message. The name source is the object sending the message. An archetype can be specified by prepending a ^ to the object name. The script will look for a nearby object of that type.

Messages CanISeeYou, CanIHearYou, CanISeeObject, CanIHearObject, CanISeePlayer, CanIHearPlayer
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