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These scripts can be found in the free-to-use module tnhScript.osm. Fan-mission authors may include the script module in their mission as long as they fully comply with the Dromed EULA.

Using the Scripts

Dromed provides standard properties and links for scripts to use. The ControlDevice link is most often used to assocated a trigger (the source of the links) with a trap (the destination). Scripts which have a delayed effect usually check the Script→Timing property for the time value.

Custom scripts often require settings not provided by the standard properties. The Editor\Design Note property is used for additional configuration options.

When a special type of link is required, the association is made with a ScriptParams link and the data of the link tells what the special meaning is.

Generic Scripts

Many of the scripts share common features. These are implemented in three generic scripts.

GenericTrap A switch-like script which responds to TurnOn and TurnOff messages.
GenericScale A knob-like script which works with a numerical argument.
GenericControl A script which can take a string argument.
GenericTrigger A script that is more likely to send triggers, than receive them.

All of the generic scripts should put a meaningful value in the message return argument, or at least set it to non-zero if I couldn’t think of anything “meaningful.” This is so the scripts can be used directly in a pseudo-script. Returning zero causes the pseudo-script to abort, which usually is too drastic.

The Scripts

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