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Creates objects based on quest variables that were set in a previous mission. It looks for quest variables that begin with inv_. If the parameter inv_code is set, then the variables names must also have that code. An object with the name of the variable (minus the prefix code) is created and added to the contents of the script object. If the parameter inv_player is set, then the new objects are added to the player’s inventory. The player’s inventory will also be used if the script is on the starting point marker. If the value of the quest variable is not zero, then the stack count of the object is set to that value. Otherwise, the object is created unmodified. Each quest variable that matches the prefix code is deleted, even if an object can’t be created. So it’s safe to have another carry-over later. You can even have a carry-over skip missions.

You can make the script only activate on certain difficulty levels by setting the Difficulty\Script property. The objects will be created only on the difficulty levels that you specify. The quest variables with the correct prefix code will be deleted even if the objects aren’t created.

Messages Sim, Difficulty
Properties Difficulty\Script
Parameters inv_code (string) Optional code to identify a container.
inv_player (boolean) Add items to the player’s inventory.

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