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An enhanced replacement for GasLight or Extinguishable. With this script, frobbing a light turns it off, as well as on.

You can also add an emitter tweq to the light that will simulate a jet of gas. The emitter is activated when the light is extinguished with WaterStim or KOGasStim. It’s turned off when the lamp is relit, or if it receives a TurnOff message. If the light is frobbed while the emitter is active, it turns off the emitter but doesn’t turn on the light.

For the greatest effect, the emitter should create a stream of gas that can be ignited by a FireStim. The fireball will be sensed by the lamp and relight it, possibly with adverse consequences to anyone standing nearby.

The script will also make sure that the light is not suspicious when the game starts, so you can use the Difficulty\Turn On property.

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