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Allows an AI that is normally non-hostile to become alarmed if it sees the Player in a room. When the Player enters the room, a metaproperty (M-PlayerBreach) is added to the Player, and AIWatchObj links are created from every Human object to the Player. If any AI can see the player at the moment he enters the room, then the AI is signalled with alarm. When the Player exits the room, then the meta-property is removed and the AIWatchObj links are destroyed. There is a slight pause after leaving a room before the links are destroyed. The idea is that an AI will be alerted if it sees that you’ve just walked out of the room, even if he didn’t actually see you in the room itself. Another awareness test will be made when the links are removed.

The M-PlayerBreach metaproperty should have AI\Watch: Watch link defaults set to Player intrusion with line-of-sight. It should also have a small but non-zero radius, and an awareness requirement of 2. The AwarenessFilter script may be useful as well.

Messages PlayerRoomEnter, PlayerRoomExit, Timer
Links AIAwareness, AIWatchObj
Metaproperties M-PlayerBreach
Signals alarm
Parameters exit_time (time) Delay after leaving the room during which the player will remain suspicious. Default is 1 second.
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