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Send a ScriptControl message to other objects. The first message data argument is the control string, as usual. The second argument can name the object to send the ScriptControl to. If the object isn’t given in the message argument, then it is relayed to all ControlDevice linked objects.

How to Generate the Message

There are two means of generating the ScriptControl message:

  • Use a Conversation (or AIWatchObj link data, AlertResponse etc)
    • Action: Script Message
    • Argument 1: ScriptControl
    • Argument 2: Some string. Suitable strings depend on the script used by the target object.
    • Argument 3: The name of the target object (if omitted, a ControlDevice link from the AI to the target object can be used.
  • The ScriptController script should then be added to the AI.
  • Put the script on a regular trap:
    • Use the design note to specify on=value, where a suitable value depends on the target object.
    • Link the trap with ControlDevice to the target object.
    • The trap can be activated with a button, lever, or any other standard trigger.

Inherits GenericControl
Links ControlDevice
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