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The main part of an in-game store. Purchased tems are added to the object’s inventory before being paid for. If there is a Cart link, then that object is the container for the items. While unpaid items are in the inventory, the object will be locked. When using a different object for the cart, you should create a Lock link from the container to this object.

Items are paid for by sending TurnOn. If there isn’t enough money, a ScriptParams link with the data set to ErrorOutput will be triggered. When turned off, the script will clear the inventory and send Reset to all objects that link to this one with Store. The cost of the items is read from the quest variable named in Trap\Quest Var.

Inherits GenericTrap
Links ScriptParams(Cart)
Properties Trap\Quest Var
Parameters vendor (string) gold_only, gems_only, goods_only, gold_first, even

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