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Prevent the player from moving. Basically, the extreme opposite of a speed potion.

The TurnOn and TurnOff responses are more like a trap than a scale. Turning it on sets the speed to 0. Turning it off resets the speed. When controlling the script directly with ScriptControl, you can specify a value that the player’s speed will be multiplied by. The receptron control of GenericScale is also useful for changing the player’s speed.

Speed controls with different names are multiplied together. Multiple traps with the same freeze_name will be exclusive. Turning off the trap removes its speed control, but not other effects such as from a speed potion or because the player is wielding a sword.

Inherits GenericScale
Parameters freeze_speed (number) The player’s speed will be multiplied by this number while the trap is enabled. Default is 0.
freeze_name (string) Speed control can be multiplied together. Set this parameter if you will have more than one of these traps active at a time.
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